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Income Tax Services

The Ads on TV

When it comes down to filing your taxes there are many choices, today's taxpayer is inundated with ads constantly, some of these ads claim that they can file your taxes for free, others claim to have a live CPA while you prepare your taxes some even go as far as to claim that their software will magically find every deduction imaginable and maximize your refund or minimize your tax liability. Sound to good to be true? well that's because all these ads cleverly designed to make the fine print at the bottom of the screen appear very small, in other words unreadable, that's where you'll find  "the catch" as we all call it.
Let's just come out and address all these claims; First off nothing is free in this world and if it was how can they possibly be the nicest non-profit company in the world? how do they pay that free online CPA? hmm makes you wonder right? it's simple, the free filing is for Federal form 1040 only and limited to only one W-2 form, therefore if you have a 1099-INT form or any other form then your fees will start at $49 interesting isn't it? But wait what about your State taxes? or schedules? well that's another $49 and so on and so on, oh and let's not forget the CPA there's is a fee for his service too! I could go on and on. 

One flat Fee

Hercules will help you prepare your income taxes with a face to face consultation, we are going to take a look at all the forms and deductions you might have and charge a flat fee for our services including W-2 forms, 1099-Misc, 1099-Int, etc...Our professionals have years of experience and can address concerns or questions that software simply can't do.


Personal Taxes

As the laws continue to change our tax professionals are CTEC certified and participate in the IRS annual filing season program, which simply means that they must consistently educate themselves and attend hours of continuing education at the beginning of every tax season to remain accredited through the years. Do you have questions regarding your Earned Income Credit or your Child tax credit? well you can come in into any of our locations and speak directly to someone who has been doing this for many years and not someone who is a seasonal employee of one of these large tax preparation firms. Give us a try! 


We can help get everything ready to create your Profit and Loss Statement, payroll reports and more importantly your expense reports. Is this your first time filing the taxes for your small business? allow us to help you get started, we'll monitor your steps and walk you through the process. Many of our clients have been filing their taxes with us for many years and continue to place their trust in our company because we did not try to tell them that this was a highly complicated process, instead we listened to them and advised them!



Legal entities such as Partnerships can sometimes be confusing to individuals operating them. That's why we have dedicated many hours to research and have the knowledge to give you the advise you're looking for. 


Small corporations sometimes require a little TLC, how to classify expenses or payroll, how to properly allocate K-1 forms and how to classify their business to pay the fair amount of taxes. Let an experienced tax professional help you make the right decisions

State Taxes

California State laws continue to defy the Feds in every way, don't you think is time you hire the right company to help you take advantage of that? 

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